Broadcast Media

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Spanish Language Advertising

Maximilian has produced, written, and voiced radio advertisements in Spanish for America's largest metropolitan market - New York City. The following was produced for Orthology, a large physical therapy company with offices in mulitiple states.

The Iberian Injection

The Iberian Injection was a travel series aimed at English speaking students living in Spain. Spain is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad programs and tourism, and this show provided travel tips, shared experiences of living abroad, recipes, and information about the history of the country.

The program was an eight part series that aired in the spring of 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. It was one of the first English language programs aired on CoolturaFM Barcelona.

The Iberian Indulgence

A follow up to the Iberian Injection, the Iberian Indulgence focused specifically on Spanish cuisine. It followed a more relaxed and sound-rich podcast style of production that featured interviews, anecdotes, and recipes. Each episode features a specific dish or ingredient, such as chorizo, gazpacho, coffee, and other delicacies important to the Spanish diet.

The program was produced, written, and hosted by Maximilian in 2016 during the year he spent working and living on the island of Menorca, Spain.