Maximilian holds a degree in American Political History, a field he has explored through his work with NPR member stations across the State of New York. He also writes a monthly column on policy issues in English and Spanish for several bilingual newspapers. In 2016, Maximilian joined former County Executive Joel Giambra in forming NY Grows - a drug policy organization aimed at implementing a taxed and regulated cannabis policy in New York State. He currently serves as Director of Digital Media, managing their website, social media pages, and other media outreach campaigns.

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Maximilian created and hosted Around The Bend, a reggae music show that aired on the radio for four years in New York State and Spain. It began in 2011 as a college radio show before attaining international syndication two years later. Currently, Maximilian is the co-founder of The Beat, an app-based startup working to connect artists, venues, and fans under a single platform.

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Following a semester spent studying and living in Spain, Maximilian wrote and produced a weekly radio show called The Iberian Injection exploring the culture, language and history of Spain from the perspective of an English speaking student. The program was aired by CoolturaFM Barcelona in 2014. In 2016, he produced a follow up podcast on Spanish cuisine, called The Iberian Indulgence.

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Curriculum Vitae

Web Design

Maximilian is well versed in the Squarespace design platform and holds a certification from Google's Analytics Academy. He currently serves as the Media Director for NY Grows, where he manages their website and social media campaigns.


After studying the Spanish language in college, Maximilian spent a year working for Spain's Ministry of Education as an English language teacher on the island of Menorca. He speaks Spanish fluently.

American History

Maximilian graduated with Honors from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2015 with a B.A. in American History. His thesis used the works of Dr. Benjamin Rush to explore the concept of citizenship and national identity during the American Revolution.


Maximilian's own experiences with music has helped him develop his company The Beat Booking and his music radio show Around The Bend. He has played piano his whole life and can be found playing blues harmonica throughout his home down of Syracuse, NY.